This month at Pure Sound.

Wow! MoFi Turntables have just taken out one of the top awards for turntables at the What HiFi? Awards?

Magazines and Websites come and go, but "What HiFi?" remains one of the most prestigous, the most read and the best trusted of all the HiFi Reviewers. 

Follow the link below, then talk to us about the Turntable, we’re always open to a deal!

Pair it up with a Cambridge Audio EVO 150 and a pair of ProAc Tablettes for one of the best "small systems" you're ever going to hear.

Cambridge Audio - The All in One Player that Stereo Magazine call's "the Road to Perfection".

Cambridge Audio recently dropped quite a bombshell, we call it "the road to perfection"...

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ProAc Speakers - Tablette Version 10 in Black Ash & Cherry or please inquire availability of Rosewood or Ebony.

NB. Also available as the Signature Edition with improved Bass Driver and cross-over, please inqu...

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MOFi Turntables - Studio Deck fitted with Studio Tracker Cartridge.

Sound & Image Magazine 2021 Awards TURNTABLE OF THE YEAR AU$1000-AU$5000 Mo-Fi Electronic...

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