Longbow Wireless Transmitter for S-Series

Longbow Wireless
Introducing LongBow™, the easy-to-use, zero compression, ultra-high quality wireless system that frees your system from placement limitations imposed by conventional cables.

Compatible with No. 25, Serie S, and included with Habitat1

LongBow permits very fast, uncompressed bass to be sent wirelessly within the same room approximately 45 feet (somewhat dependent upon room clutter).
Conventional wireless systems operate by hugely compressing the sound, shipping the compressed digital bitstream through the air and then expanding it back to its “original” form.
The results are a noticeable lag in speed (engineers refer to this delay as latency) and an uninvolving quality which often suffers from thinness.
LongBow upgrades the digital pipeline from 16 bit to 24 bit, then ships over un-compressed 48kHz signals; eliminating the compression/expansion chokepoint and using audiophile grade A/D encoders results in fast (typically about 80 percent faster than traditional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi systems) rich, natural bass.

True Performance
Our engineers didn’t stop at creating the industry’s best-sounding wireless delivery system.
The team developed LongBow with both high level AND .1 channel simultaneous delivery so that REL Theatre Reference performance can be maintained even when using our wireless delivery system.
This approach produces the rich, natural, warm bass REL theater systems are known for, along with the devastating punch of great .1 dynamics. Wirelessly.
Shifting back and forth between music and film sound requires NO switching of inputs, altering subwoofer settings or the like.

Give Us Five Seconds
Perfect Pair™. Most people find fiddling with computer pairing frustrating, so our designers tasked our engineers with reducing pairing to just two simple toggle switches.
Total set-up time? About 10 seconds to enjoy high performance bass, freed from the restrictions of cables.
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Our Price $599.00
Tone Audio Magazine Review.

A Sub-Woofer can be one of the most important components of your HiFi system, but the toughest to find room for.
As beautiful as the REL subwoofers are, bathed in gloss black, they are big boxes tethered to a long cable, which can
compromise where you need to put them for the best sound and integration into your system, versus where the cable reaches.
With their new Longbow wireless system, you get all of the functionality and connectivity that REL Sub's are famous for, and you only need to attach the small transmitter close to your equipment rack.
Thanks to their high speed, 24 bit, 48kHz data stream, (REL claims about 80% faster throughput speed than typical WiFi) there is no lag, or latency, to the soundstream.
The bottom line is you now have nearly a 45-foot placement window, with lightning fast delivery, so bass is clean, quick and clear.
Our tests in a number of rooms large and small revealed no loss of bass performance going wireless and an informal group of fussy audiophiles could not tell the difference between the wired and wireless connections.
Best of all, current REL Su-Woofers have a Longbow receiver built in, so in under a minute, you merely insert the speaker link cable from your Sub-Woofer into the Longbow Transmitter and power it up.
You’re instantly free to place your Sub-Woofer or multiple Sub-Woofers wherever you choose.

"Tone Audio Edition #75".