Dual -
Semi-automatic Turntable with Arm and Cartridge in Black or Walnut.

Do you want a manual or an automatic turntable?

And more importantly, what is the difference?In short, a manual turntable is more work. It makes playing the music very deliberate.

With a manual turntable, you have to manually lower the tonearm onto the record to start playing and when the record is over, you have to lift the tonearm back into its resting position.An automatic turntable, on the other hand, takes that work away from you.

Once you place the record, all you have to do is press a button (or lever) and the tonearm will automatically lower onto the record and then, when the record is over, the tonearm with lift and return back to its resting position. It’s a minor bit of automation but with a big effect; it makes your turntable essentially a press-and-play machine.There are hybrid turntables, of course. A semi-automatic turntable, for example, splits the difference by requiring you to place the needle into the groove, but after the album is done, the tonearm will automatically lift and return to its resting position at the end of the record. Most automatic and semi-automatic turntables will also turn off at the end of the record.What are the advantages of an automatic turntable?The biggest advantage of an automatic turntable is that you don’t have to worry about placing the stylus. That can be a big relief if you’re just getting into vinyl because you won’t have to worry about missing the edge of the record or placing the stylus cleanly. And it’s important to do so; if done improperly this can scratch and ruin the record, not to mention make a terrible screeching sound in the process.With an automatic turntable, there’s also less likelihood of you damaging your turntable’s stylus; most automatic turntables have an “auto off” feature that also picks up and returns the tonearm, that way the stylus doesn’t keep riding the record for hours before you realize it’s still on.


The CS 505-4 is the eternal classic in the DUAL line-up and is now in its fourth generation. A semi-automatic turntable with floating sub-chassis, which combines time and effortless good sound with excellent ease of use and so ensures relaxing and long lasting music enjoyment. 

Special Edition:

The CS 505-4 is also availble in a classy walnut design chassis now. This special edition is limited on 200 pieces only.

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Our Price $1,699
Tone arm technology:
Cardan bearing with massless Stylus force set by high-precision torsion spring. Detachable headshell with 13mm (1/2-inch) fixing-holes. Adjustable tracking force and anti-skating. Extremely rigid headshell made of carbon fiber.
Chassis technology:
Anti-Distortion wooden chassis. Board with floating suspension. Vibration damped aluminium platter with anti-static, thick felt mat.
Drive technology:
Belt drive with polished flat belt, 16 pole synchronous motor with speed precision control. Viscosity damped arm lift. Auto Stop with tone arm lift. Supplied with magnetic OMB 10 cartridge.