VPI Turntables
Pedigree High End Turntable at an Entry Level Price
VPI Player

  • New 9" vertical Yoke type tonearm with lateral turntable type bearing.
  • Platter rotates on an oil bath bearing and fitted to shaft with a #2 Jacob's Taper for a concentric rigidly mounted coupling.
  • 1.25" thick textured vinyl-covered non-resonant MDF chassis

The VPI Player creates a new rung in the ladder of hi-fi, and not just because of its feature set, but due to its build quality, use of costly materials, and turntable pedigree.

It’s not exactly entry level in terms of price and performance, so for that reason, it may be that next (or final) step for those who really love their first hi-fi turntable and now are looking to upgrade and dig out more sonic goodies from their record collection.

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Our Price $2,995
Dimensions 18.5 x 13.5 x 4.3"
Features Belt Drive, Built In Phono Stage, Cartridge Included, Detachable Cable, Manual
Product Manual Download
Cartridge Type Ortofon 2M Red MM
Dustcover Included NO- there may be aftermarket models available
Included Phono Cable None
Turntable Platter Aluminum
Tonearm Included Yes
Tonearm Type Pivot